Twisted Wire Heart Wall Hanging

I call it Best Friends

A twisted wire wall hanging.  Inspired by Valentine’s Day, but appropriate for year round enjoyment.  The cute brass pin in the center has been in my stash for a decade.  So now I’m pleased to have it and it makes me smile to know I had a reason for keeping something I never wore.

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Spike Copper Earrings

Spike or arrowhead shape Copper Earrings made from copper sheet material and 16 gauge wire.  These are about 4″ in length and are slightly dimensional.  The look is truly native.

copper-arrowThe textured pieces have been oxidized with a combination of salts and heat producing a red and orange color spectrum with black and browns.  A light micro wax has been applied as a sealant.

Light weight and comfortable, you can find these in the popsugarstudio Etsy store. visit here

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Grabbing the Brass Ring

brass-ring-on-a-rock-xHammered asymmetric amorphic shape jewelry

14 gauge gold brass wire ring.

I found inspiration in a vintage 60’s Taxco Mexico silver ring.

It started as a large closed loop; was bent and hammered and then sized on a mandrel.  Maybe not exactly in that order.   To be fair, I needed a rolling mill to take the wire down thinner and wider.  Brass is surprising fluid and very much “alike” to gold.  It will acquire a patina and needs a lemon juice rinse or a tarnish cloth treatment once in a while.


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Gold Stacked Rings

14K GF Stacking Rings

A gleaming, delicately hammered set of three rings. Stack them for a statement-making look, or wear individually for a touch of understated elegance.  Handmade just for you.



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