Tiny Triangle Lapis Lazuli Stacking Ring

Lapis Tiny Stacking RingGold speckled Lapis Stone set in a custom made silver bezel for this tiny stacking ring.  I ground this triangle shape cabochon from a random piece of Lapis chip bead.  The best thing about this operation was how easy the grinding was accomplished.  I should add how very much I’ve enjoyed stacking it with my Opal rounds.



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Personalized Copper and Leather Bracelets


copper and leather bracelet 
Simple and sleek leather cord with hand hammered and stamped copper bar. I make these bars out of 12 gauge copper wire by annealing and hammering and drilling and stamping and bending and thankfully it’s not really that time consuming. I prefer this rustic natural shape to flat plain blanks.

The findings are all 18 gauge wire.  Uncoated copper wire. 

All sizes and room for about eleven letters/numbers.  

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