stamped-penny-earrings-b Stamped Penny Earrings

Laugh Loud / Smile Wide  – Hand stamped on heads up side of these shinny copper pennies.  I’ve seen these done before and always wanted to give them a try.  How fun is it to decide what to stamp?

If you do stamping at all, you should give this a try.  One of my kids thought “Worthless” was a good idea.  LOL, at least the materials are only pennies.

The wires are my creations.  I use RIO GRANDE’S excellent half hard 20g silver filled wire for most of my earring findings.  It’s easy to shape and holds a shape without need for tumbling or hammering.


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Spike Copper Earrings

Spike or arrowhead shape Copper Earrings made from copper sheet material and 16 gauge wire.  These are about 4″ in length and are slightly dimensional.  The look is truly native.

copper-arrowThe textured pieces have been oxidized with a combination of salts and heat producing a red and orange color spectrum with black and browns.  A light micro wax has been applied as a sealant.

Light weight and comfortable, you can find these in the popsugarstudio Etsy store. visit here

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