Vintage Silverware Jewelry

I’ve spent a few hours this morning trying to write a new Etsy ad. It’s difficult enough on an iPad but add on the Etsy long tail keyword challenge and the going is tougher than ever. I’ve pared my regular Etsy ad style description down to almost nothing with bullets and a few sentences. Here’s the copied segment:

Fork Ring

– Made from a vintage silverplate dinner fork

– Three tines tall (about 3/4”)

– Polished finish

A fun and bold statement ring

Heavy silver-plated pieces will last another lifetime

Vintage cutlery has shape and size variations along with age induced patina, it all adds to the uniqueness of these pieces. Large size rings will have a wider solid edge than small sizes.

The verdict is out on how well I get this one located in Etsy search! Here goes and here’s a view of my Three Tine Fork Ring

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GPS Coordinates Keychain

The Silver finish is a polished Aluminum blank  made from a flat 14G stock material. The stamping is a 3mm or 1/8″ number. I love the concept of GPS addresses. Where you live, where you married, met or so many personal meanings a certain spot on the planet can have. I use a heavy hammer to achieve the deep impressions, they will last longer and add a more organic look to the piece. Personal message on the back if you please.  These are now available in my Etsy shop. 

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Stamping Bangle Bracelets

  • Here’s a batch of copper Cuff bangles I’ve stamped. Actually I do the stamping before I bend the strips into the bracelet shape. These are circular though I suppose most cuff Bracelets are oval. The round shape is my favorite.  I use the clever ImpressArt bracelet bender tool and finish the shape with bending pliars.  These cuffs were cut 6″x 1/4″ from 16 gauge sheet copper and left with an uncoated finish. 

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Pink lil bows and ribbons, a Coin Purse necklace

image image

A very special and incredibly inspirational friend had a coin purse I wanted to repurpose for her.

I cut the ribbons from a bit of hot pint taffeta and an old organza tablecloth that has seen better days.  Little bows were tied using the fork tine technique I found on Pinterest and then with needle and heavy thread knotted to the little purse.  Lace and rhinestone tidbits completed the cupcake.  It was the coolest thing to watch her face light up to delightful I love its.

Just about perfect one of a kind and the lil hedgehog has kept his spot on the reverse side.

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Up-Cycled Spoon Jewelry

Beautiful old silverware has found a place in my jewelry making corner.  Here we have mid-century silver plate that is excellent for cutting into new shapes because the core is nickle, think “German silver”, it is seamless.

Silver Heart Charms
Silver Heart Charms

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Wire Wrapped Rings

Wire Wrapped Ring
Stainless Steel Wrapped AB coated Quartz Crystal Point Ring

Wrapping crystals has led me to wrapping rings.  On this one I’ve used Stainless Steel 20 gauge wire.  The trick is to harden the wire prior to starting the wrap.  I’ve put some of these rings in the Etsy store.

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Wrapping Crystal Points

I’ve tried this several times in the past and never succeeded. This time I used a different technique and heavier wire.

These are electroplated quartz crystals drilled and purchased on a strand.  Not too expensive and so perfect for trial and error. I chose a 16 gauge black annealed steel wire and pulled it through xxx steel wool before preceding.  The crystals are tough and not so easily chipped or broken so I was able to use parallel clamping jaw pliers to hold the parts while I wrapped.  Haha, fun!  Maybe I’ll put these in leather thongs.

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Tiny Triangle Lapis Lazuli Stacking Ring

Lapis Tiny Stacking RingGold speckled Lapis Stone set in a custom made silver bezel for this tiny stacking ring.  I ground this triangle shape cabochon from a random piece of Lapis chip bead.  The best thing about this operation was how easy the grinding was accomplished.  I should add how very much I’ve enjoyed stacking it with my Opal rounds.



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Personalized Copper and Leather Bracelets


copper and leather bracelet 
Simple and sleek leather cord with hand hammered and stamped copper bar. I make these bars out of 12 gauge copper wire by annealing and hammering and drilling and stamping and bending and thankfully it’s not really that time consuming. I prefer this rustic natural shape to flat plain blanks.

The findings are all 18 gauge wire.  Uncoated copper wire. 

All sizes and room for about eleven letters/numbers.  

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stamped-penny-earrings-b Stamped Penny Earrings

Laugh Loud / Smile Wide  – Hand stamped on heads up side of these shinny copper pennies.  I’ve seen these done before and always wanted to give them a try.  How fun is it to decide what to stamp?

If you do stamping at all, you should give this a try.  One of my kids thought “Worthless” was a good idea.  LOL, at least the materials are only pennies.

The wires are my creations.  I use RIO GRANDE’S excellent half hard 20g silver filled wire for most of my earring findings.  It’s easy to shape and holds a shape without need for tumbling or hammering.


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