Vintage Silverware Jewelry

I’ve spent a few hours this morning trying to write a new Etsy ad. It’s difficult enough on an iPad but add on the Etsy long tail keyword challenge and the going is tougher than ever. I’ve pared my regular Etsy ad style description down to almost nothing with bullets and a few sentences. Here’s the copied segment:

Fork Ring

– Made from a vintage silverplate dinner fork

– Three tines tall (about 3/4”)

– Polished finish

A fun and bold statement ring

Heavy silver-plated pieces will last another lifetime

Vintage cutlery has shape and size variations along with age induced patina, it all adds to the uniqueness of these pieces. Large size rings will have a wider solid edge than small sizes.

The verdict is out on how well I get this one located in Etsy search! Here goes and here’s a view of my Three Tine Fork Ring

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